The Professional logistic technologies (PLT) is a company, which specializes in investment in the warehousing sector of commercial real estate and appears to be one of the three largest owners of transport logistics centres.

The PLT was established in 2016 by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and by the leading Middle Eastern funds as a platform for investment. The founders of the company are the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the Mubadala Investment company, which is based in Abu Dhabi, and international sovereign institutional funds. With the help of the founders, direct foreign investment into the Russian economy is attracted and, specifically, enriches the warehousing sector. While investing in the infrastructure facilities, the shareholders of the company strongly consider the appropriate time, which is matching the demands of investors, the government, and the key customers of logistics centres.

Since the establishment of the company, PLT has invested more than twenty billion rubles in the six warehousing real estate facilities with classification “A”, with an overall area of more than 630 000 m². Currently, the company is presented in four regions of the Russian Federation, including the Moscow region, Saint Petersburg, Sverdlovsk region, and Novosibirsk region. By combining effort of the leading international investors and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the PLT is focused on further intensive development and on accomplishing its mission.

The professional team of the PLT is independently controlling assets, providing the highest level of service for customers of its logistics centres. Among the company’s clients the leading international and Russian brands, such as BMW, Auchan, “Верный”, OZON, Лента, X5 Retail Group, Lamoda, Karcher, Hilti, Pony Express, Kuehne+Nagel, Dachser, Castorama, “220 вольт” and others.

The Professional logistic technologies (PLT) is an investment company, which appears to be the progressive platform for investment into the logistic infrastructure of Russia.  Starting from the year 2016, the company brings financial resources of Russian and international investors into the warehousing sector of commercial real estate, using a reasonably conservative approach towards investment into the Russian economy.

From year to year increasing greatly the amount of investment into the new facilities, PLT owns assets not only in the Moscow region but also in Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and in the future plans to expand its ownership further. While making a choice on a project, the team of PLT ensures to provide a stable and secure return on investment, ensures high-quality assets provision, and ensures the ability to cope with risks.

By bringing into reality its investment goals, PLT provides high-quality service for its partners, who acquired warehouses, which helps to build long-term trusted relationships with the key market players and to increase the company’s market share. The PLT strives to use the greatest techniques from the worldwide leading logistic operators and developers in order to create a diversified chain of transport and logistics centres with classification “A” and ensure the provision of high-quality services to meet the needs and wants of its clients and partners.

By achieving high efficiency and accurate investment of free funds, PLT is capable to fulfill not only expectations of investors, but also to contribute to the financial enrichment of its partners and clients.


Команда ПЛТ нацелена войти в число самых динамично развивающихся компаний, инвестирующих в инфраструктурные объекты, и занять лидирующую позицию в секторе складской коммерческой недвижимости. В планах компании нарастить портфолио объектов до 2 млн. кв.м к 2023 году.
При реализации миссии компания, ПЛТ нацелена на сохранение высокой эффективности и качества деятельности, а также обеспечение запланированного уровня доходности приобретенных активов.
Приоритетом во взаимодействии с арендаторами и партнерами мы ставим сотрудничество на основе доверия, честности и взаимного уважения. Мы стремимся выстраивать долгосрочные отношения и обеспечивать индивидуальный подход, соответствуя при этом самым высоким требованиям к качеству сервиса.
Залог преуспевания ПЛТ не только в наличии капитала и активов. Мы убеждены, что в основе выдающихся достижений — прежде всего талантливые и целеустремленные люди. Одной из ключевых задач компании является создание и развитие команды, состоящей из грамотных и креативных профессионалов, способных решать сложнейшие инвестиционные и операционные задачи.


Mikhail Tarasov, Ph.D. economy

Chief Executing Officer

Dmitry Bespalov

Head of Property Maintenance and Operations Department

Anna Sorokina

Commercial Director

Elena Ledovskaya

Financial Director

Julia Shichanina

Head of Legal Department

Alexey Kazakov

Head of IT department